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Thank goodness for our dedicated CSA and tailgate market customers!

After reading an article in the Atlantic, about an excerpt from the book, “Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers’ Movement”, I must say I love our CSA members and tailgate market customers. I believe that both our CSA and tailgate market customers understand the amount of work that goes into producing their food and […]

The Day I fell in love with the He-saw

This love affair of mine has been going on a couple months now, ever since early February when I was sawing black locust for heating our greenhouses, and I must say it is still going strong. For you readers to understand this love affair you must know a little about our saws and the wood […]

It’s Official… Our 2012 growing season is underway!

The last couple weeks in February Danielle and Justin cleaned and sterilized a few hundred flats and flat inserts, made a lot of soil mix, filled most all of these flats with soil mix, and then put a seed in each cell of each flat. This is the first time that Carl and I weren’t […]

Our Propagation Greenhouse Rocks!

Literally. We have hauled in and spread nearly 25 tons of gravel amongst our propagation greenhouse. All of this as part of project “Get rid of muck from the propagation greenhouse.” Danielle and Justin spearheaded this project so if you need advice or help with your propagation greenhouse you should speak with them! It is […]

Thank Dustin and Danielle for any strawberries we might enjoy this season!

The past couple weeks Justin and Danielle have been weeding the strawberries. This is tedious task that involves sitting on the wet, cold ground, digging your fingers into the cold soil around each strawberry plant, pulling out all the weeds that are trying to choke the strawberry plant. They did this for approximately 2200 plants. […]

Our first timber framing project

Last week Carl instructed Justin, Danielle and I in our first timber framing assignment. This gave us all a chance to become accustomed to the tools Carl bought especially for our Timber Framing projects. The great thing about this project was that the wood was harvested right here from the farm and our sawmill used […]

We’re on the cusp of the Slow Building Movement

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but I was busy using our daylight hours for timber harvesting and timber framing classes while utilizing our nighttime hours doing seed planning. I am happy to say that we have ordered most all of our seeds for the season! I never imagined myself involved in timbeing nor timber frame […]