What is a pork CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an innovative way to connect the eater and grower, each making a commitment to one another, thereby the eater becomes a sharholder of the farm.

A CSA is basically a partnership between the shareholder and the farmer, where the shareholder commits to purchasing their pastured pork directly from the farm, while the farmer commits to raising the pig in an ethically and ecologically raised meat.

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Why Mountain Harvest Organics Pastured Pork?

Our pastured pork is very unique because...

We are a highly diversified farm, our pigs diet not only includes pasture and grain, but a good percentageconsists of milk from our dairy cow, and a wide assortment of produce that we are unable to sell.This is only possible because we raise small batches of pigs on a large pasture.

The grain our pigs consumer isGMO free, and never are they given any antibiotics or hormones.

It is our belief that happy pigs, raised on a large pasture, make for healthy and flavorful meat.Keep in mind that we have a limited number of shares available because we raise small batches of pigs.

Happy pigs on pasture!

Tomato Comma!

This piggie ate so many tomatoes that he has passed out.

It's apple season

Bobbing for Tomatoes!

Here our pigs are devouring tomatoes floating in raw pet milk from our grass fed dairy cows.

What will be included in your Pasrtured Pork Share and how much will it cost?


This is an estimate of what you will receive

For those who enjoy eating ecologically and ethically raised meat, this maybe a perfect for option for you!  You will have these cuts available in your freezer for your convenience as you need it.

If you can’t eat the entire pork share, then perhaps you might consider finding another family to share with you.

By pre-ordering your pork, we will be able to work with you as far as preference for the type of sausage you will receive!For example; if you prefer Hot Italian Sausage over Regular Italian Sausage, we can have that sausage made for your pork share.  

Also; if you don’t want the ham hocks, neckbones, jowels, leaf lard or fat back we can work with you you on that.  We may reduce your percent discount if you choose not to get these cuts, but we won’tcharge you for them.  We highly encourage you to eat those cuts, because eating locally and ethically, is also eating the whole animal.  

Each CSA Shareholder will need a freezer for storing their share, and we will deliver this pork share to your house, but you will need to have space in your freezer for the delivery.  

We will give you a two week advance notice before delivery.

When will you receive your pork share and how do I become a shareholder?

We Raise a bath for early summer and another for early winter.

Expect that we will be delivering a share to you early June and another batch for delivery in November.

Once we deliver your share to you, you will receive a monthly eNewsletter with recipes and what we are eating for the month. This is a great reminder, because if you are an annual member, this will help you be sure all your cuts are used over the course of the year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions and to sign up for our CSA Pork Share

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