Book the entire farm for your special celebration!

The wood fired pizza oven underneath the beautiful timber framed pavilion provides a unique and charming atmosphere for almost any type of celebration or ceremony. We can cater your event with our famous Field to Table pizzas that use toppings grown and raised right on the farm!

Such celebrations include school field trips, birthday parties, family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, company outings, business meetings, writing retreats, the perfect quaint and unique setting for ceremonies such as blessing ways, baptisms, croning, or for any other special occasion. The possibilities are endless!

Mountain Harvest Organics is a 130 acre farm with organic vegetable gardens in the farms bottom lands and nature trails winding through the forests surrounding the farm.The farm animals include cows, a horse, chickens and pigs.We can accommodate up 75 people for a one day event.We can provide overnight lodging for up to 15 people, but could easily accommodate more with camping options.

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The Community Room

This space can easily and comfortably seat twenty people.

This room is perfect for business meetings, because being at a farm and out in nature, inspires ones creativity.
We’ve found it very important, that when doing strategic planning for either your personal life or for your business, being in a unique setting helps clear your mind and aids in brainstorming new ideas.

The Community room may be used by all guests on the farm. Historically, we used it for yoga, with an average of 8 people for each session. It is especially nice, that if during your stay you encounter inclement weather because it has plenty of space for indoor activities to entertain.Activities may include board games, card games, puzzles and DVD movies.

Why choose Mountain harvest organics for your event?

The farm provides an eco friendly location in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains with breathtaking views on the drive to the farm. During events hosted at Mountain Harvest, guests find themselves wandering the gardens where their pizza toppings are growing, or bonding with each other having good conversations and farm fresh food when gathered around the pizza oven.

The beauty of having pizza for your event is that we can easily accommodate almost any diet whether it be vegan, gluten free, dairy free.We allow everyone to design their own pizza!

These are a few events we've hosted

Educational Outings


We’ve hosted school groups, in particular PAGE, where the students are given a guided farm tour : a strollthe vegetable gardens seeing and tasting organic food, meeting the animals, and learning basics about how their food is grown and raised.After the tour, they make their own pizzas.What we’ve seen, is that the students typically will eat more veggies on their pizza, once they’ve made that connection with how their pizza toppings were grown and raised.

One of our memorable educational outings included a High School chemistry class.The students toured the farm, and while doing so, we talked about soil nutrients and the nutritional value of the vegetables that would be used on their pizzas.In connecting the periodic chart to their food,was especially a great learning experience understanding that the elements from the chart comes from mother earth.

Students making their own pizza!

Tractors are COOL!

While on the farm tour, just one of the things that students learn, is the various uses of tractors on an organic farm.They get to meet the cows who provided the milk for the cheese on the pizza!

Pizzas loaded with veggies!


We’ve hosted outings for our community, and one that is always fun for both the farmers and the community, is our annual “Killing Frost Celebration”.

It is the time of the year that we celebrate a bountiful season of food from the earth that has fed us all season long and the farms that supplied our area farmer markets with a bountiful supply of local food.  We celebrate Meadow Fork Creek and Mother Nature who supplied the much needed water that allowed our crops to grow and thrive.  We celebrate the farmers’ who grew the food and the people whose bodies were nourished from the bounty.

We’d love to host a celebration for you, so give us a call!

Farm Tour!

CSA Shareholders heading up to meet the pigs and cows.It is pretty good exercise walking around the farm!

Children enjoying farm life!

Pizza Making time!

CSA Shareholder Christina making her own pizza with ingredients grown and raised on the farm

Families enjoying nature!


This is a ceremony that honors a woman’s passage into the third phase of life and often celebrated at age 50.We had the incredible honor of hosting Ellen and her family and close friends for this special ceremony. Her day started out with a hike up to the famous Max Patch bald, followed by everyone making their own wood fired pizza, after which a her ceremony was conducted in the forest surrounding the farm.Her ceremony includedespecially beautiful exchange sharing stories of important woman who have had a profound impact on the lives of those attending.After the sun went down, and because it was cold weather, the group played picture/wordy games in the community room of the barn apartment. We hope you choose Mountain Harvest to share your special day with us!

Ellen and Joe

Her ceremony included a hike up at the beautiful Max Patch.

Ellen and her close friends

Together on the Max Patch Bald

Everyone made their own pizza!

All ingredients were grown and raised on the farm.