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Frequently Asked Questions

If you visit this link, there is a google calendar that shows what dates are available at a glance.  You will need to scroll through the months using the arrows in the upper left corner of the calendar. Another option, is you may also select the button to "Book Now" for your desired lodging option, after which you will be presented with a web page for booking that accommodation, of which you can browse through the  "Check In" dates on the calendar to see if any dates work with your schedule. If all bookings conflict with your availability, no worries, you aren't required to complete the booking process!  Please feel free to contact us with your lodging and date preference, then should we have cancellations, we'd be more than happy to let you know .

We accept major credit cards.
For those who are purchasing from our farm store, you have the option of choosing “Cash on Deliver”.Once you place your order and we fulfill it, you may either bring exact change to leave in the cash box at the barn,
or you can bring a check for the amount of your purchase.Make all checks payable to Mountain Harvest Organics.

Please don't expect the farm to have the aesthetics and feel like a church cathedral, a country club or golf course. We are a production farm, so while we have walking paths and trails throughout the farm, much of the farm is not regularly mowed because we like to provide habitat for our pollinators such as the bees. We hope you embrace the rustic beauty of the farm from an ecological perspective. The Goldenrod (Barn Apartment) lodging and the event spaces are surrounded with greenhouses, fields and gardens for food production, and sustainable food is the sustenance of life. The Thistle (Camper) is on a knoll above the farm fields and greenhouses. The The farm can offer a teaching moment for many guests of where their food is grown and raised. The farm provides very positive energy for those who are already deeply connected to the production of their food.

Weekly, we walk the fields and estimate our harvest, then update the inventory levels in the online store. After that, we send out a newsletter letting you know the store has been updated,and a brief write-up of of the exciting things that have been happening at the farm.After you receive the eNewsletter, you go online and place your order, you will receive a order confirmation after you place your order, and another once we have fulfilled your order and it is ready to be picked up at the farm.

Once you place your order,
you should receive a confirmation with your order details. If not, please contact us, don’t assume your order will be fulfilled, until we’ve confirmed that we have it.We’ve found that our internet connection in Rural America is occasionally unreliable, and sometimes orders fail to make it into our order system.

Once your order has been fulfilled, you should receive an order confirmation.When picking up your share at the farm, you will find a receipt included with your order that should suffice as your invoice.

Send us an email

You should receive an copy of your message via email once successfully submitted to us. If you do not receive a copy, check your spam email folder, and if it is not there please re-submit your message.