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Oh journal, how we miss thee!

Since establishing our Facebook page, it has been rather easy to periodically post a photograph of our daily experiences on the farm using this social media tool, that we have become negligent recording our life experiences in our journal. For us, the reason for facebook being easy was that Sylvestre was doing a lot of […]

We had 10 consecutive days without rain this month!

This September, even before falls arrival, we have been enjoying fall like temperatures, and finally plenty of sunshine. We’ve spent a good bit of time setting up irrigation and cleaning up our spring and summer fields in preparation for seeding cover crops. Cover crops on an organic farm, are just as important as growing food […]

We are not afraid to eat our spinach!

This Valentine’s day we decided to make gnocchi as our main entrée along with steamed spinach and sweet potatoes for our sidedish. Is it right for two people to eat a 1/2 pound of fresh spinach for one meal? Perhaps, if one knows the individual who grew the spinach, otherwise maybe it is a bit […]

How do we reinvent ourselves?

This has been our household discussion for the past several months as we begin planning for our 2013 growing season. Anyone who has been following our journal may know that several years ago we had winter computer work that supplemented our farming income making it financially feasible to farm during the summer. Our computer work […]

Hooray! Our farm vacation cabin rental project inches along..

We’re moving along at a snails pace in our endeavor into the slow building movement. Last winter we harvested the trees for a pavilion and cabin, piling them in the sawmill area, and then the weeds grew up around the logs while crop farming consumed our time. For the past several months it has been […]

It’s Official… Our 2012 growing season is underway!

The last couple weeks in February Danielle and Justin cleaned and sterilized a few hundred flats and flat inserts, made a lot of soil mix, filled most all of these flats with soil mix, and then put a seed in each cell of each flat. This is the first time that Carl and I weren’t […]

We're so excited to have a great yield on a late potato crop

We had a crop failure with our spring planted potatoes which was very discouraging because potatoes are one of our main storage crops that we sell throughout the season. We were lucky to have potatoes left over from our 2010 season, and that cultivar being Red Chieftain, that we planted early summer and finally dug […]

Very sweet… another greenhouse in production

The photographs in this blog entry have been contributed by Danielle Keeter. Each year we continue to experiment with season extension – we have learned that plants must grow to their full size before the cold weather and low day lengths of November and December set in but just last week we transplanted another succession […]


WE FEEL BLESSED! We are still delivering CSA Shares packed full of veggies and are harvesting plenty of greens right now. We have great help on the farm and even though we have had a hot summer, it hasn’t been too awfully hot for the crops, and the creek continues to flow enough for irrigating […]