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The Day I fell in love with the He-saw

This love affair of mine has been going on a couple months now, ever since early February when I was sawing black locust for heating our greenhouses, and I must say it is still going strong. For you readers to understand this love affair you must know a little about our saws and the wood […]

Kimchi and dried cayenne peppers for our winter stash!

Last Sunday we made a batch of kimchi for our winter stash, and after allowing it to ferment for a week, we jarred it today. Most of the veggies were from our farm with a few from neighboring farms. We did purchase scallions, ginger, rice flour, fish sauce and salt from the store. This is […]


WE FEEL BLESSED! We are still delivering CSA Shares packed full of veggies and are harvesting plenty of greens right now. We have great help on the farm and even though we have had a hot summer, it hasn’t been too awfully hot for the crops, and the creek continues to flow enough for irrigating […]

Such wonderful sleeping weather these past couple nights

This journal entry is for Trace!!!! Yes, finally I am taking the time to write in our journal and let me tell you why… Because here in the mountains we are having cooler weather, with finally the nighttime temperatures dropping, making for some fabulous sleeping. This helps motivate me in completing my nightly chores such as journal […]

We’re addicted to smokin’

Some might think I mean the cash crop, but after our most recent endeavor we have such an appreciation for what our forefathers have done in hot smoking meat creating incredible flavors. We just smoked a couple 20 lb hams, using a Sorghum Glaze, and the flavor is AMAZING! We now have on our “To Do” […]

What is a farmer to do when the daily high is only 19 degrees?

Carl is in our wood shop (a.k.a. yoga studio) working on building a smoker for hot smoking hams while I am in our trailer making sauerkraut. According to wikipedia, the German translation for sauerkraut is either sour herb or sour cabbage. THANKS Mom and Dad for buying Carl and I a crock for our Birthday/Christmas […]

With the arrival of fall

GREAT NEWS… We were able to get most of our cover crops seeded Friday September 25th. We were hoping to have everything seeded on Thursday but rain came late Thursday afternoon postponing our seeding until Friday. We are thankful that we seeded even though our soils were a little wet because it seems that we […]

Green Envy!

Saturday at Market Vanessa and Alex at Full Sun Farm had the most BEAUTIFUL arugula, radishes, kale and baby boc choi. The last couple years at this time we had kale and baby boc choi but the flea beetles and harlequin bugs have been so tenacious this season that our kale is stunted and our […]