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Oh journal, how we miss thee!

Since establishing our Facebook page, it has been rather easy to periodically post a photograph of our daily experiences on the farm using this social media tool, that we have become negligent recording our life experiences in our journal. For us, the reason for facebook being easy was that Sylvestre was doing a lot of […]


WE FEEL BLESSED! We are still delivering CSA Shares packed full of veggies and are harvesting plenty of greens right now. We have great help on the farm and even though we have had a hot summer, it hasn’t been too awfully hot for the crops, and the creek continues to flow enough for irrigating […]

I had two days off in a row, the first since mid April, and we are makin’ the bacon!

Thanks to Danielle and Townes, I had both Saturday and Sunday off last week which was the first since mid April. HOORAY! I mentioned to a couple of our CSA members that I was going to have both Saturday and Sunday off and so Jane Thomas asked something like, “What is it like for you […]

Dryer weather makes for some huge accomplishments!

The weather has been cooperating with us and in between rain showers we were able to transplant around 3/4 acre of onions and about 1/2 acre of potatoes.   We even transplanted another succession of broccoli.  Now we need to plow our summer growing area and are once again praying for dry weather so we can […]

The 2011 Mountain Harvest Organic Farmers

For those of you readers who eat our food or are interested in the happenings on the farm; meet the crew who will be on the farm growing the food and tending to the chickens and pigs for the 2011 production season. We will be working very hard this entire season seeding, transplanting, hoeing attempting […]