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The 2011 Mountain Harvest Organic Farmers

For those of you readers who eat our food or are interested in the happenings on the farm; meet the crew who will be on the farm growing the food and tending to the chickens and pigs for the 2011 production season. We will be working very hard this entire season seeding, transplanting, hoeing attempting […]


We chose to use electrical fencing to contain our goats and horses.  The problem with electrical fencing is that it frequently needs maintenance; fixing wire that has stretched too much, cutting away trees and brush from the fence line, and cutting down the weeds underneath the wire so that it the electrical current is not shorted […]

Mystery Murder

It has been a long time since we have lost one of our layers to predators.  As our neighbor says, “Everything loves chicken!”.    We were losing around 30 chickens a year to bobcats, coyotes, coons, possums, and weasels.  What makes us so stubborn that we don’t just buy eggs rather than trying to raise our own?    Every […]