Mystery Murder Solved!

>Possum!  We lost another chicken to a similar death as the first.   So we left the chickens in the coop for the day and actually trapped the predator!  Is this the only possum or are there more hanging around the coop?
We think that there may be more possums looking for a good chicken dinner. I drove this one to “Bald Mountain Church”, which is quite a few miles as crow flies, so hopefully it won’t be back. Some in our household believe that this trapping warrants death. Others believe that we still should try to co-exist with most predators of our farm animals and veggies. Only time will tell as to which predators we allow to co-exist with us versus those that are put in the freezer.  Currently, only venison is sacrificed for the freezer, mainly because we have so many deer and they taste delicious!    

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