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Our first timber framing project

Last week Carl instructed Justin, Danielle and I in our first timber framing assignment. This gave us all a chance to become accustomed to the tools Carl bought especially for our Timber Framing projects. The great thing about this project was that the wood was harvested right here from the farm and our sawmill used […]

We’re on the cusp of the Slow Building Movement

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but I was busy using our daylight hours for timber harvesting and timber framing classes while utilizing our nighttime hours doing seed planning. I am happy to say that we have ordered most all of our seeds for the season! I never imagined myself involved in timbeing nor timber frame […]

Trying to get the most board feet from each of our trees

We are having a good time on our most recent endeavor into logging and sawing – learning so much about looking at a tree and with our cut list – trying to figure what sizes of cuts will make best use of the tree. This would be an interesting math assignment in school! Our First […]

Edward and Ruth Zimmerman delivered our sawmill!

This past week Edward and Ruth Zimmerman delivered our sawmill. It was great to have the EZ-Boardwalk delivered to us by the inventor, designer and manufacture. Both Edward and Ruth provided our initial training so we think we got the best training possible. This mill is going to be a workhorse because it will be […]