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We loved having Mom and Dad visit for Thanksgiving last week!

Since the beginning of April we pretty much work 6 days each week with only a couple weekends off which is why we take an entire week off for our annual “Thanksgiving Vacation”. During our vacation this year, we spent a few days doing a little “spring cleaning”, then simply enjoyed spending time with Mom, […]

I had two days off in a row, the first since mid April, and we are makin’ the bacon!

Thanks to Danielle and Townes, I had both Saturday and Sunday off last week which was the first since mid April. HOORAY! I mentioned to a couple of our CSA members that I was going to have both Saturday and Sunday off and so Jane Thomas asked something like, “What is it like for you […]

Bailey the “Terrorist” and cute little Harmon!

It has been 15 years since we had a puppy, mainly because we kept adopting dogs that have been abandoned in our community, and because these dogs are older, we have never easily been able to train them as a “Farm Dog”. The most recent dog we adopted, named Bailey, who we nicknamed the “Terrorist”. […]

Snow, Winter Solstice and one Brake Job done!

All three of our vehicles need a brake job. Up here in the mountains that is almost an annual job depending on how often one drives to town. (We do have another couple vehicles on that aren’t running so their brakes tend to last a long time!) The power just came on after being out […]


This Thanksgiving we are thankful for our family, for the land, rain, sun, Caree, Joe and Meagan who helped in growing the food that has sustained us for the past season. We are also thankful for so many wonderful folks in our community who work so hard at the food pantry that is currently assisting […]

3 Inches of Rain and Meadow Fork is the highest I have seen in a few years!

So we didn’t quite complete running our irrigation pipe and our electricity before the rain came last week and we are thankful of that! We weren’t planning on tying our drain pipes running along each of our greenhouses into a main pipe because we didn’t see much water coming from the pipes along our greenhouses […]