The farm is blessed this season with exceptional cooks!

Here on the farm our large meal is midday and incredibly important, mainly so that we keep our energy level up, especially since we are busy hoeing, seeding, transplanting, and doing many more chores that I can’t mention because of the lack of disk space the internet, usually we are doing these chores in the hot blaring sun (or this year mostly in ‘liquid sunshine’ as our mentor/neighbor Alvin calls rain.) Each of us on the farm is assigned one day of cooking and one day of cleanup for our midday meal. This year I love it because we have exceptional cooks and I am increasing my repertoire of recipes! I wish I could have taken a picture of Meagan’s meal this week…. It was absolutely beautiful complete with nasturtium flowers surrounding our plate full of romaine lettuce, onions, kohlrabi, cucumbers, falafel, couscous, humus…. I am certain I am missing some veggies she included in our lunch. Each meal we are challenged with eating as much produce from the farm as we can.  I love our lunch challenge during spring because our greens are amazing this time of the season and all our lunches are packed full with greens!

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