Is Spring Here?

  Peeper Eggs up Close

Peeper Eggs!

I spot a Peeper

Can you find the Peeper?

   Spring Peepers 1 

 More Peeper Eggs!

We were working outdoors sanitizing flats and inserts when we began hearing the soft chirps of the peepers. They are the first sign of warming weather when they make their presence at the top of the pond. They sing such delightful music that it was a blessing when we ran into a spring grading for our pole barn. (When we were grading for our pole barn and ran into a spring, we decided to dig a pond to hold the water, and it has brought amazing biodiversity to the farm.)       
I guess the peepers spend their winter near the bottom of the pond just waiting for the warm spring days. They are so secretive that anytime I approach the pond, they will all disappear, and not reappear until I am long gone. I even sat in the shade of the pond quietly for a while and they never surfaced. I can see how they know whe I approache the pond, but how do they know when I left? From my scent? or my Breathing? I might just have to ask google that question one day. I know the peepers will disappear soon because it is much to warm for March and I expect we will have some cold weather in the next several weeks, and when we do, the peepers will go deep under for another few weeks. 

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