And the growing season begins…


  Our Baby Plants

Our Little Seedlings!

We constantly have projects lined up and it seems that if we don’t have enough projects in the pipeline to last us a few years, we must think of more projects, just to keep us from thinking that we might someday have nothing to do but sit on the porch and nap. For example, this year we hope to put up a couple greenhouses that have been sitting on pallets in the fields for a couple years. Even though we always have a project underway, with us, however, it seems as though “The Growing Season Officially Begins” with the onset of the first day of seeding. It actually feels great to sterilize the flats and inserts, mix some dirt, put dirt in the flat inserts, and then carefully drop seeds in each sell of the flat insert!

 Why do we call it the “Growing Season”, because we are always growing something, whether it be cover crops that are plowed under to build the soil or veggie crops that we harvest and sell. Perhaps we call it the “Growing Season” because it is that time of the year when we actually anticipate generating a little income from all our hours of hard physical labor.     
Ocasionally we ask ourselelves, why do we farm?  We work very, very hard and make no money at it. We farm because we enjoy growing healthy food for people, eating healthy food ourselves and preserving our harvest for the winter, and we are dedicated to keeping farmscapes in the horizon.    

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