Alivin Kirkpatrick

Alvin in Dozer 

Alvin in his dozer wile grading for our 4
 new greenhouses




Alivn and Carl 

Alvin with Carl and Donna checking the level
after a pass with his  Dozer

Alvin has some very funny phrases and this weeks phrase came out when we were discussing his new diesel truck. (The engine of his new truck just doesn’t have the pulling power of his other trucks.) 

“Wouldn’t pull a greasy string out of a cat’s ass!”   

Alvin Kirpatrick is one great farmer in Spring Creek and has one of the prettiest tobacco crops each year. He taught us the principles and ethics of farming. He has been farming most of his life growing beans, tomatoes, hay, tobacco, potatoes, plus many things I probably don’t know about. One season we helped him pull down tobacco after it cured so that it could be graded and sold. He picked up each and every leaf that fell off the plant as we were pulling the tobacco down from the tier poles  – he cherished his crop – that is what we strive for with all of our crops.  
 Thank goodness Alvin is grading for our greenhouses because he is taking the time to be sure that we have good drainage between each of the four houses we hope to put up over the next year. One thing we have learned about growing in the greenhouse, one must drain the rain away from the house, otherwise you will loose crops from the ground being too wet. In previous growing seasons, we lost our greenhouse basil crop just from not draining the rainfall away from the house.       

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