Spring has Come and Gone

Spring Daffodils 

Daffodils Poking Out
of the Ground during
the warm Spring Days

 Snowfall on Bluff

Snow on Bluff Mountain
Over which the
Appalachian Trail Passes

Just the other day we had a high of 78º and we were outside digging holes and setting greenhouse posts in short sleeves.  Last night it sleeted here in the valley, while it snowed up on Bluff Mountain, and then today we only had a high of 38º. The Appalachian Trail passes over Bluff Mountain and this is the season for thru hikers so I do hope the hikers stay warm during this cold spell.  This seems to be a typical weather pattern for us over the last decade since we have been farming on this land.  I am glad to see winter again but do hate that we are burning so much propane to keep our little seedlings warm.  We hope they make it through this cold spell!

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