Farmer Mandy and Little Arthur


Little Arthur


Farmer Mandy

Arthur, Frank and Ms Ann Looking Up

Little Arthur and Brother Frank

I thought that Farmer Mandy deserves a special place on this site. Mandy apprenticed with us in 2005 through 2006. During her apprenticeship, she experienced the birth of some very special goats. These goats have since been adopted by Mandy and are waiting for her and Trapper, her husband, to buy them their perfect pasture with plenty of briars and weeds!   
We never thought that little Arthur would survive. His mother rejected him so from the beginning he was a bottle fed baby. He had a rough beginning as his first few nights on the farm were a struggle. After he was getting strong enough to stand up, he fell in a crack between our stalls, and spent a cold night stuck and hanging by his neck. After that experience, he couldn’t stand up so we nursed him back to health. Our farm is in business to grow plants and veggies so we all needed to go to the ‘Whole Bloomin Thing”, which is our largest plant sale, so we didn’t think he would survive with no one at the farm to feed him; however, our neighbors Ann and Arthur came over several times that day and fed him. So he survived and that’s how he became Little Arthur. We thought he would always be a little runt because he was always one fourth the size of his brother Frank. Frank was not rejected from his mother so he grew quickly and healthy because he had the luxury of two teats to himself while Arthur remained the runt. Amazingly enough, today Arthur is about the same size as his brother Frank. Probably because Mandy spoiled Arthur with treats so Arthur is always seeking out food.  

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan and Ms Ann

Jackie Chan, Little Ms. Ann and Brother Frank

Arthur, Frank and Ms Ann

Little Arthur and Brother Frank

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