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Greetings Everyone,

Last week Nina, a doctor in Spring Creek, brought to our attention some of the weak points in our pick-up process with regards to potentially spreading the COVID-19. So going forward, to reduce the amount of direct human contact, we are going to have you pick-up at your convenience rather than at a pick-up time. We’ve consulted with several healthcare professionals and this is the best process to keep everyone safe and well!!! Here are the pick-up rules, and if you aren’t able to follow them, we ask you to text us at 828-707-1254 and we’ll meet you at the pickup location:

  • Pick-up Days: We’d like everyone to pick-up on either Wednesday between 1PM and 8PM or Friday 8AM to 8PM. That way those nights we can disinfect the cooler doors.
  • Physical Distancing: Only one person at a time should pick up.  If someone is picking up when you arrive, please wait in your vehicle until they leave.
  • Hand Sanitizer: You must cleanse your hands before entering the cooler. This assures that our cooler door handle and produce boxes inside stay sanitary. We will provide hand sanitizer BUT we ENCOURAGE you to bring your own because we don’t have an unlimited supply.
  • Masks: You must wear a mask when going inside our coolers. The reason we require this, is the cooler is a small space and the cold temperature will lengthen the time that the virus remains viable, unlike an outdoor area. If you don’t have access to a professional mask, a bandana is a great substitute!!!

Here is a link to the online store to place your order.

Your Farmers (and cleaning staff),
Carl and Julie

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What is new or abundant this week!

The first harvest of French Filet Beans…. We’re limiting only 1 per order because they are just starting to mature! We’re hopeful next week they will be in abundance to include in the Farmer’s Choice share.

English Shelling Peas!  These are a spring delicacy, a little work to get the sweet tender peas out of their pod, and not a lot of food per pound of peas since the pod isn’t edible!  If you’re on a strict budget these might not be your “cup of tea” but if you’re craving the taste of fresh peas these are a treat!  English peas must be popped out of their protective shells for eating. Also known simply as garden peas or sweet peas, the tiny green morsels are a good source of vitamins A and C, and dietary fiber.  TO COOK: (1) Shell peas by snapping off the stem and pulling the “string” (2) Bring a pot of salted water to a boil (3) Put peas in water and boil from 6 – 8 minutes.  Make sure they’ve sweetened up before draining, the plunge into cold water to end the cooking process.

Sold in 1 pound bags that yield between 1/4 to 1/2 pound of peas.

Not the prettiest large Bok Choi (or Choy) that we’ve ever grown. The bugs sampled this crop and find it tasty! 

Not the prettiest baby Bok Choi (or Choy) that we’ve ever grown. The bugs sampled this crop and find it tasty! 

This is the last week for Bok Choi until Fall!  They aren’t as pretty as our early crop because the bugs needed to get their fair share.  Many times we’d just compost this crop, but were hopeful some of you will still want to eat them because they are tasty  – just ask the bugs!

This Weeks Farmer’s Choice!

Above is dinner from CSA members the Currin’s.  Doesn’t it look fabulous?   If ya’ll haven’t yet tried grilling/roasting your bok choi, this is the week because we will no longer have that crop until Fall!

This week’s Farmer’s Choice Share includes: (share contents are subject to change based on our actual harvest.)

We’re offering both a Farmer’s Choice Veggie and Farmers’ Choice Veggie & Meat Share.  Items common in both shares are listed first, followed by items specific to the veggie share the finally the veggie/meat share. The Farmer’s Choice Veggie & Meat share normally has smaller portions of vegetables. )

The following are included only in the veggie share:

The following are included only in the meat share

What’s happening on the farm!

Our county is resuming Short Term Rentals!

We’re reopening our rentals but are blocking out a couple days between rentals that allows us to disinfect the entire accommodation.  While it is a additional labor for us, it is so much easier than growing food, so right now we’re thankful to have additional income from our accommodations.  We’be been recommending that if our guests are going into Hot Springs or visiting establishments in our area, that they follow the CDC guidelines and wear a mask!  

In the past, we’ve offered free farm tours, but it is very difficult to physical distance when we are showing guests animals. We will be discontinuing farm tours for the forseeable future.

Many of you know that we recently adopted a new dog, Buckeye, whose claim to fame is controlling our groundhog population.  We’ve been a bit worried about him around children, but the guests who stayed in our Barn Loft befriended him.  We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to train him to be good with children! 

Buckeye wanted to eat this turtle so thank goodness it has a protective house!

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