Lead Paint In Toys….

I just got to thinking about the concept of a “toy” which is mostly for nourishing our souls, versus food, which is to nourish our bodies.  Within the last month or so the news has been packed with “toy recalls” for lead paint.  I then started thinking of Americans….. We are so concerned about lead in our toys, and for that matter, unsafe toys.  We don’t want our children exposed to unsafe toys. When we, as consumers purchase a product, it normally has a label indicating where it was made and lists the manufacture.  “Made in USA”… “Made in China”…. “Made in Brazil”…  Made by Childcraft.. Discovery… This labeling allows us, as consumers, to make choices in purchasing the goods that we feel comfortable with and that are the best for us.
One thing I feel passionate about is that I believe that our “food” should have a label of origin (where it was grown) or producer. 
It is amazing to me that when we go to the grocery store to purchase food for our children, we don’t have labels indicating the origin of the produce, yet that is what we “feed” our children’s bodies with.  How can we possibly make a decision and feel comfortable that the food we are feeding our children is any better than those toys that contain lead? 

Please write your representatives about requiring label of origin for our food products.

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