Finally!!! Things are starting to grow

It has been a while since I posted.  We are still recovering from the devastating freeze we had early April and this week delivered our first CSA box which was much smaller than in previous years; but nevertheless, we delivered and our CSA members are fabulous because they are supporting us through this tough spring growing season!  Next week we think we might even deliver a full basket containing lettuce, salad mix, radishes, scallions and strawberries. 
We have been irrigating almost every night with the exception of the last two nights because the temperatures dropped down to the lower thirties. The crops are growing slower than normal because we are having a difficult time giving everything planted the water they need to flourish.  On the bright side, the weeds aren’t growing very fast so it has been rather easy to keep things weeded.  The only other thing I know that we can do to bring about rain is to plant tomatoes outside.  It has been a couple years since we have grown tomatoes outside of the greenhouse because outdoor tomatoes die of blight so quickly from rain – but this year just might be our chance –  so this week we hope to transplant Prudens Purple tomoates out to the fields.

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