No CSA Deliveries this week!


Greetings Everyone,

We’re not delivering this next week (8/5) because we are taking a break from the CSA this week to focus on fixing critical farm/hosting equipment that is broken and to prepare and plant our fall crops.  In over 20 years of farming, this is the first time we’ve ever taken off any time mid season, but feel it is crucial to keep our production moving along, as well as keep our sanity alive! This past week we were thrown a curve ball in that our front-end loader broke and the circulation pump in a hot tub at our accommodation.  We are in the process of spreading compost to build healthy soils, which is why we need our front-end loader.  In addition, we’ve ordered the part for our hot tub, which means we’ll be fixing things as well as preparing ground for fall starts.  We are incredibly thankful to all ya’ll CSA shareholders for your season long support to allow us to take this necessary break!  Without your support, there would be NO WAY for us to take off mid season, only because we need to earn as much as possible during the peak growing season.  SO THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US SANE!

We realize that y’all shareholders who live in Spring Creek are in a food desert, so please email us if there is anything you need to tide you over until our next delivery which will be August 12th.  We’d love to harvest anything you need just so you don’t have to make an extra trip to town.

Here is a link to the online store to place your order.

Your Farmers (and cleaning staff),
Carl and Julie

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What’s happening on the farm!

Those of you who pick up at the farm have probably noticed that the van has been in the exact same spot for a couple of years because repairing it hasn’t yet made it to the top of our priority list!  Thanks to CSA Shareholders the Kendalls and McVeys, who have let us borrow their vehicles when our pick-up isn’t working, we’ve grown accustomed to being a 1 vehicle family!  However, we can’t live without our front end loader so we’re taking the week off for repairs.  We’ve never done this because while we’ll be taking some time off from selling, the veggies will continue growing!  We just may need to find the time for some canning this week.  In addition, if we have a couple days without rain, we’re hopeful to get some ground worked up for fall crops.

Every morning this gal brightens my day and makes me think of CSA Member Maxine Dalton because she’s the only one we know who has inventoried all the turtles on her 100+ acre nature preserve. After seeing this cute one in the exact same spot for a couple weeks, Julie thought this she was stuck in the mud, so she moved her away from the spring to dryer ground. But here she is back in the mud!

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