Till it under or hoe it?

Terrorists and Thugs


Flea Beetle


Harlequin Bug

Today we spent the afternoon wondering – do we till the broccoli and da cheong under or do we hoe it and try to save it? Our fall crops are looking pretty poor so we aren’t quite sure what to do. Collecting insurance is not an option since our crops aren’t insured.
The first issue is that we did not mow our buckwheat down before it re-seeded, so not only are we trying to save the broccoli and da cheong from the buckwheat, but we are also trying to save it from the harlequin bugs and flea beetles.
Our fall crops are not prospering due to the incredible bug pressure but we continue to do all we can to save them. Our bargain with the CSA was that if they would pay us for their weekly box, no matter what we deliver, that we the farmer would do whatever it takes to have a successful crop. SO…. Both my husband and I want to till our broccoli and da cheong under I just couldn’t bring myself to doing that since it is at the end of the season and not much else will mature before the weather is too cold. So we are doing all we can. WE ALL HOED THE CROPS. Hoed away the buckwheat. Smashed the harlequin bugs and we are now PRAYING that the broccoli and da cheong will turn into something edible.

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