Making Wethers


We use a “burdizzo” to neuter our goats.  PETA would probably not be happy with us for this type of castration!  This method seems to work well for us as it crushes the spermatic cords and requires no tetanus shots, no possibility of infection, and it is a quick procedure lasting around 60 seconds per goat.  Our goats scream a little during the procedure but directly after they are bouncing around and eating grain just like nothing happened. 
My husband holds the goat while I clamp the burdizzo on each spermatic cord for 30 seconds.  We don’t dare do this within the goat fencing or our guard dog, Harvey, would probably try and bite us while protecting the goats.  So we bring the goat to the equipment barn away from the herd.  We were a little worried about GB this year because he has HUGE balls of FIRE.  After his procedure, we could tell he was a little sore, then that evening a few hours later,  he wasn’t interested in his evening hay portion.  The Next morning I went to feed the goats and GB didn’t want anything to do with me. I am giving him a little grain each morning until he is no longer afraid of me.  His brothers did great and still like humans!

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