Finally our third sunny day in a row…. A brake in rain so we are spending our time getting plants out of the greenhouse and into the fields, our fields plowed and much more…. We are so thankful for the great crew on the farm this year: they are easy going, hard workers, dedicated to a local food system, and always offering to help with whatever chores come up. That is the real reason why we are getting so many things done in just a few sunny days! (I also give a little credit to the double row transplanter that my husband wanted.  Another topic about fine-tuning our farming practices.)

HERE IS EVERYTHING we have done just this week: prepared beds and transplanted broccoli, napa cabbage, lettuce, baby boc choi and kohlrabi to the fields. We have once again re-arranged our propagation greenhouse and have transplanted bell peppers, roasting peppers and paprika peppers into the soil of the greenhouse. Re-arranging the greenhouse is easier said than done… This job requires moving plants started for plant sales to another coldframe, tilling the earth in the propagation house with a tiller, and organizing our propagation benches so all like plants are together.

So tomorrow also promises to be sunny and our hope is to get parsley and a few cut flowers transplanted to the fields! I am dreaming of ripe tomatoes, mint and parsley transformed into a refreshing dish of tabouli salad!

It is those dreams of delicious summer dishes that keep me motivated.

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