Broken Equipment

I totally feel sorry for my husband because I lack the knowledge and ability to fix our broken equipment! I think I might need to learn some new skills because it is totally unfair that all the responsibility for repairs falls on him…..
I am simply thankful that our tractor works, our health seems good and it seems that we have incredible help for the 2009 season!

10 Our lawn mower broke last year and we still haven’t fixed it. The winter did kill our lawn somewhat but we need to mow around our green houses.
9 Our low speed greenhouse exhaust fan is broken which I thought wasn’t a problem except that we have to have someone on the farm at all times to manually turn on our second stage fan. I didn’t realize that on a cold day, if we turn on the second stage exhaust fan, the greenhouse cools down instantly, which means we are constantly turning the fan on/off so our seedlings stay nice and warm
8 Our Chevy pickup truck brakes. The brake lines for our pick-up truck rusted out two years ago requiring a week long process of fixing the brakes and finding the parts. Thank goodness we have extra parts because perhaps this can be prioritized so that we can use our truck. Alvin was kind enough to let us borrow his truck to purchase a load of fertilizer but we have another couple tons of fertilizer yet to purchase
7 Our market van needs new spark plugs. At least I was able to use our market van to purchase potatoes, which by the way seems as though there is a shortage of them in western NC, but the van cuts out going up hill and we do have quite a few hills in our neck of the woods. This is on our repair list.
6 Our hand tiller has been broken for a couple years. We just bought a new one because we simply don’t have the time to fix the old tiller. With 4 greenhouses to till and 2 more in the building, our justification for the new tiller was that we can use a backup tiller.
5 Allis. She is our cultivating tractor and she broke down at the end of the season last year. We are praying that she is feeling better after a rest in the barn this past winter. She saves us a lot of time and manual labor so we might just have to bring her to Dr. Miller in Leicester.
4 The greenhouse vent motor.  This has been broken for a couple years and we have been doing great about manually opening and closing it. I would love to see this fixed at some point in the future so that my husband and I can leave the farm in Spring and Fall. Not a problem during the summer because we leave it open 24×7!
3 Our Toyota pickup truck blew a head gasket a few years ago and so it is just sitting on the farm. It would be nice to have it working one day so we have a spare truck because you see that our pick-up truck and van, which are our only hauling vehicle, are both not functioning well.
2 Our greenhouse HAF. The motor wore out in one of our HAFS but we need to fix it because our HAF should be installed in the greenhouse that we plan on growing our first succession of greens and plans for planting green beans for our CSA Thanksgiving share.
1 YES…. THANK GOODNESS… I started at #10 of the equipment on the farm that is in dire need of repairs and have run out of things broken. It isn’t so bad when one can only come up with only 9 major pieces of equipment in need of repair

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