A farm field with more rocks than ours!

Field of Rocks
Click on the above picture to see a field with more rocks than ours!

My husband is forever complaining about the rocks in our fields, each new season suggesting that we pull all the rocks out of our fields, with me arguing back that it is an impossible task! In the picture it is beautiful to see how nicely the corn has germinated in a field full of rocks.

The picture is from a story published on NPR in regards to the global food crisis, in particular the Honduras farmers promising to grow more food for their food security, because the high cost and scarcity of food is causing them undue burdens. The picture was posted on NPR’s website and I love the corn growing in their rocky soil!
The article suggests that because of farm subsidies – by US and a few other countries – smaller countries were encouraged to focus on manufacturing goods rather than food since food could be imported rather inexpensively from subsidized countries, but now there is a shortage of food creating a “food security” issue for folks all around the world.
I am becoming a little concerned about our food security, so much so that we hope next year to plant some dry storage beans, corn for corn meal and oats for our breakfast. I am reading the book titled, “The Deep Economy”, where Bill McKibben describes how Cuba has an amazing food system with small organic farms scattered throughout the country. I highly recommended his book for those interested in surviving without oil!

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