Edamame Boiled or Steamed


Edamame can be boiled or steamed. (we typically steam it) Bring water to a boil in steamer or sauce pan. To steam, place pods in steamer for 5 minutes. To boil, add pods to boiling water for 5 minutes.  For both methods, after 5 minutes, remove from steamer or boiling water, place in bowl and add 2 tsp sea salt (or more if desired). You also have the option of boiling your edamame in salted water rather than adding salt when eating.  To eat, place one end of the pod up in your mouth and squeeze the other end. The beans will pop out right into your mouth. You can also bite lightly into the pod to bite the beans into your mouth. You should be able to taste the salt as well as the beans! The pods are not eaten so have an extra bowl for discarding empty pods!